Austen Smyth – CEO Portrait

Austen Smyth – CEO Portrait

CEO Portrait of Austen Smyth of The Richmond Fellowship

CEO Portrait Shoot – Here are some more corporate portrait photos from the CEO shoot which took about 20 minutes at most, you don’t get long with these busy people 🙂

It was a pleasure to be commissioned to photograph Austen Smyth and more so to have an interesting chat about the world of Care Provision, but what do I know, so here is a bit about how he fits in to the organisation, well for a start he’s the CEO …

Austen Smyth Chief Executive Officer for  The Richmond Fellowship

Austen joined The Richmond Fellowship Scotland in 2005. He leads the organisation in terms of its overall success and impact for people who require support services. Austen likes to see a difference being made, and enjoys working alongside others who focus in on finding solutions and making an impact or difference. Austen enjoys conversations that are more about the solutions rather than the problems. He also likes clear and fact-based conversation.

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland is a charity which supports around 2500 people across Scotland with a broad range of needs to live as independently as possible in their own homes and communities.

We are the largest provider of social care services in Scotland, providing personalised, high-quality community-based support services for those who require support in their lives. Some may have mental health difficulties, learning disabilities or autism; others may have dementia, alcohol or drug issues or forensic backgrounds.