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Turkish Akbash - dog photography, perth, scotland

So before you bring your budgie to the studio, let it be known that we will be concentrating, firstly at least, on Dog Photography.

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Amanda Rose-Hill

Shots of Amanda Rose-Hill. More shots of this rising Country star on her web site.  

Ok, so I must admit to not watching the programme but Lauren was lovely to photograph, so don’t believe all the gossip.

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Need to do a shoot up North for your catalogue, or e-commerce site?

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Who said they don’t go They were probably right! Photo Shoot I did for Trespass.

Hi people, please ‘Like’ my page at Simon Murray Photography if you haven’t already ..

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Online Fashion and Catalogue Clothes Store Photography in the Studio by Simon ..

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People in front of his lens, genuinely have a good time!

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xscape winter wear

Simon Murray Photography did some photography work in the past for Xscape Castleford (near Leeds) through the lovely people at Factory Graphics.