Photograph by Phil Lidstone Photography

Simon Murray was born in Perth, Scotland and through a love of photography that started over 20 years ago, Simon has developed his passion into a style that evokes a sense of openness from his subjects.

People in front of his lens, genuinely have a good time, in fact Simon calls it therapy, not sure if that’s for him or the sitter.

His style allows freedom of movement and inspiration and Simon can be seen photographing a wide range of subjects, but mostly people, whether that be in fashion, music or the arts.


Simon has completed work for Armani, Vidal Sassoon, The Scotsman Newspaper, BT and Boss Models, he has been fortunate enough to photograph famous models such as Kirsty Hume and Irina Pantaeva.


I’m happy to work on location or hire a studio and have a mini-kit and can bring the whole studio kit if necessary.